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Outdoor Education FAQs

Southern California is amazing place to be, whether for just a short time or a great place to be outside learning about nature. Learn more about all the amazing outdoor education opportunities Southern Cali has to offer.

California Outdoor Education

Why does California have so many science schools and outdoor education programs? What do outdoor education and outdoor science schools provide that regular schools don’t?

Questions to Ask Before Sending you Child to an Outdoor Science Camp

You should never send your child to an outdoor science institute in California or anywhere else before asking these baseline questions.

Outdoor Science Camps & Schools

Outdoor education is by far one of the most overlooked facets of education that you can enrich your child's life by starting early.

Benefits of Outdoor Education

Outdoor education has much more benefits than you really think about on a day to day basis. So much of what we're programmed in later years of life depends on outdoor experiences.

Pali Institute Cabins

Parents ask all the time about what outdoor education cabins are like and where their students will be staying. Find out more about what outdoor education accommodations are like and what to expect from an outdoor education program.