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5 Benefits of Outdoor Education Programs

Outdoor learning has been a traditional part of elementary and middle school education for a long time. But does it actually provide any benefits for the students? In fact, there are many proven benefits for students—from increased classroom engagement to a more practical understanding of concepts taught in the classroom.

A study by Taylor & Francis found that students who engaged in outdoor education experienced significant improvements in most developmental areas—including cognitive, emotional, social, and fine motor skills. This tells us that outdoor activities offer more opportunities for child development. 

Research has also found that “frequent outdoor learning experiences, implemented by a trained teacher in a familiar setting, like a schoolyard, can result in greater engagement and science achievement for students.” 

So, how do you ensure your children or students receive the most balanced outdoor education experience? Programs like Pali Institute offer comprehensive outdoor science camp experiences, led by trained staff. Check out the main benefits of enrolling in a program like Pali. 

Benefits of Outdoor Science Camp

  1. Connecting Students to Nature. Outdoor education programs are a chance for students to disconnect from screens and connect to nature. At Pali Institute, 90% of activities are hands-on. The majority take place outside in all types of weather and can be catered to fit any group dynamic. The unique environment allows staff to facilitate a student’s discovery of many ecosystems and provide opportunities that can not be replicated in the conventional classroom!
  1. Practical Experience of Classroom Learning. Pali Institute introduces experiential education to young people by providing progressive learning experiences that extend far beyond classroom walls. Students will experience the thrill of seeing, touching, and learning about the environment and our impact on the world. We bring textbooks to life!
  1. Improved Childhood Development. In a study by the American Institutes for Research on the Effects of Outdoor Education Programs for Children in California, children who attended an outdoor education program increased their science scores by 27 percent. 

Pali makes it easy when it comes to exposing your children or students to a well-rounded outdoor education program. Our curriculum is customizable to student ages, school requirements, and classroom development. 

Here, students unplug from devices and distractions. We provide the instructors, curriculum, cabin supervision, and more.

  1. Improved Student Engagement and Behavior. In the same study, it was found that “participation in outdoor school was associated with a higher rating of conflict resolution skills and cooperation.” 

In addition to those skills, students who attended the outdoor program received significantly higher teacher ratings in the following areas compared to children who did not participate: self-esteem, conflict resolution, relationship with peers, problem-solving, motivation to learn, and behavior in class. 

“At Pali, students learn skills such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, which teaches them individual skills as well as life skills. Students learn from not only the teachers they are familiar with but the well-trained Pali Staff as well,” said Jeana Gradia, a teacher at Cold Spring Elementary School, after visiting Pali with her students.

  1. Improved Health and Overall Well-Being in Children. With so much evidence to support the cognitive, behavioral, and mental improvement in children after spending time outdoors, it’s no secret that enrolling your student in an outdoor education program will improve their health and overall well-being. 

With two rigorous accreditations, Pali assures the quality of our programming by adhering to hundreds of standards with the Western Association of School and Colleges and the Association for Experiential Education. 

This means that when you enroll, your child will have access to accredited, high-quality science lessons—in addition to spending time outside to disconnect from screens and build connections with their peers and with nature.

Visit Pali Institute for More Information

It can be overwhelming and time-consuming to schedule inadequate learning time outdoors as a busy parent or teacher, especially on top of existing work and school schedules. That’s why programs like Pali exist—let the expertly trained staff handle everything from teaching classes to facilitating outdoor activities and monitoring student safety. 

Enroll in Pali today for the ultimate outdoor education experience, or contact us with any questions you may have! 

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