Life By Leadership | Sleeping Arrangements at Pali Institute

Sleeping Arrangements at Pali Institute

What to Expect at Pali Institute’s Sleepaway Outdoor Education

We like to think of Pali Institute as a home away from home, and they take that role very seriously! We understand that as a teacher, you care for your students and have a responsibility to keep them safe—sending your class to an outdoor education program can be nerve-racking. 

You may have a number of questions—where will they stay, what will they eat, and how will we ensure they’re safe? 

Learn the answers to all of these questions and more, and get a better idea of the sleeping arrangements during your student’s visit to Pali. 

Hopefully, by the end of this read, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident knowing your child is in good hands! 

Preparing for Your Trip 

Life By Leadership | Sleeping Arrangements at Pali Institute

Pali Institute offers 30+ classes (daytime and nighttime) for you to choose a specific curriculum to meet all the needs of your students. Pali instructors will be teaching the classes for your students, supervising them during any free time, and sleeping in the cabins overnight with students. 

Once you choose your curriculum and schedule your trip, you can look forward to their first-class facilities—perched in the San Bernardino Mountains—for both teachers and students. 

Their comfortable student cabins feature solid wood built-in bunks, radiant floor heating, and private bathroom and shower facilities located right inside the cabins.

Before you arrive, you’ll provide them with your list of students for their overnight stay in the cabins. These cabin lists must be gender-specific so they make sure their arrangements are appropriate and comfortable!

The Teacher Checklist is a great resource to ensure you’re well prepared and informed for your overnight stay. 

Pali Institute’s Expansive Dining Hall 

Life By Leadership | Sleeping Arrangements at Pali Institute

Buffet-style dining is prepared by their experienced executive chef and kitchen staff in their expansive dining hall. All your students will be able to eat together in one place, and they create kid-friendly and delicious meals three times a day so even the pickiest eaters will be satisfied! 

They provide vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for all meals here at Pali Institute, in addition to being a nut-aware facility (not serving any food that contains peanuts or tree nuts.) If a student has dietary needs beyond that, they ask that parents give them a call so that they can share the exact menu and assess what is appropriate for the students. Parents are then able to send food that is supplemental to what they offer, and a staff member will heat up that up for the student prior to each meal.

Since their meals are served buffet-style, each food item is served in separate catering dishes. This allows students to pick and choose as they please. In general, each meal has a vegetarian option for the entrée if it contains meat (i.e. veggie burger instead of a hamburger). They make sure no one goes hungry! 

Pali Institute’s Wellness Center

Life By Leadership | Sleeping Arrangements at Pali Institute

Pali’s top priority is keeping your students safe and healthy under our supervision. Their wellness center is staffed 24/7 by licensed medical staff who provide care and support to their visiting students. With Pali’s highly qualified team in place, your students will be safely cared for while discovering the wonders of experiential education.

The Ultimate Experiential Education Experience

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect when your students visit Pali Institute for an overnight educational experience, it’s time to start planning your trip. If you have any other questions, or you’re ready to enroll, reach out to them directly. They’re more than happy to chat.

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