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Experience This Outdoor Education Elementary School in the San Bernardino Mountains

Today we’re writing about our featured Outdoor Science School / Camp. Pali Institute is an innovative outdoor program offering educational experiences near California’s gorgeous Lake Arrowhead and San Bernardino mountains. During their OSS field trip, students will be able to experience learning from a whole new angle. 

Learn more about Pali, how it can enhance your student’s or child’s school year, and what makes it one of the best elementary schools in San Bernardino. 

The Pali Institute Difference 

At Pali, their mission is to introduce experiential education to young people by providing progressive learning experiences that extend far beyond classroom walls. Students will experience the thrill of seeing, touching, and learning about the San Bernardino environment and our impact on the world.

Each student that attends Pali should leave with an increased understanding of our human impact and respect for themselves, each other, and the environment.

Students may spend thousands of hours in a traditional classroom environment. It’s more important than ever that students are able to experience the things that they’re learning about in textbooks. There are tons of studies that list the benefits of outdoor education programs They strive to have 90% of their activities be hands-on

The majority of the trip take place outside in all types of weather and can be catered to fit any group dynamic. Our unique environment allows us to facilitate a student’s discovery of many ecosystems and provide opportunities that can not be replicated in the conventional classroom.

Outdoor education Accreditations

Not all outdoor education programs are created equal. Between two rigorous accreditations, Pali assures the quality of our programming by adhering to hundreds of standards with the Western Association of School and Colleges and the Association for Experiential Education.

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is a commission that thousands of other public and private schools use to teach traditional state curriculum standards. WASC has three central beliefs: 

  • A school’s goal is successful student learning
  • Each school has a clear purpose and schoolwide student goals
  • A school engages in external and internal evaluations as part of continued school improvement to support student learning. 

The WASC community’s unofficial title is ‘we are student-centered.’

In addition, The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) certifies that Pali’s experiential programming helps students learn and grow by stepping out of their comfort zones, interacting with the world around them, and reflecting on their experiences.

A Team You Can Trust

Pali Institute’s highly trained outdoor education staff provides around-the-clock supervision and instruction, allowing instructors to relax, observe, and engage with their students in educational activities. Our instructors have bachelor’s degrees and possess a variety of science and teaching credentials. Two full-time registered nurses are available 24/7. 

With Pali’s highly qualified team in place, your students will be safely cared for while discovering the wonders of experiential education.

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