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What Does an Outdoor Education Instructor Do?

Working in outdoor education is a great way to spend your summer. But what does someone in outdoor education do? They first learn how to organize an expedition, work with others to accomplish their shared goals, resolve the inevitable differences that will arise, and facilitate productive discussions. Leadership becomes a shared responsibility in a course, especially in Instructor courses.

What’s the difference between an outdoor education instructor and a teacher?

It’s most often the same position, it just depends on what they call the program. Both organize trips and provide insight into the outdoor world, and both need to have a passion for the outdoors.

What is an outdoor recreation instructor?

Regardless of the name outdoor education instructor will also be able to provide skills in outdoor leadership, judgment, risk management, and safety. They will also understand environmental awareness and how to protect natural resources. All of these skills are essential when organizing an outdoor education expedition.

What is an outdoor recreation teacher?

An outdoor recreation teacher is usually more qualified and actually has a lot of experience and training working with people of all ages, teaching them outdoor skills. These outdoor skills can be anything from rock climbing and hiking to canoeing and skiing. Many outdoor recreation instructors work for summer camps, resorts, or outdoor education programs. Some even work as guides leading backpacking, canoeing, or rock climbing trips

What do you do in Outdoor Education?

Outdoor Education Instructors work with groups of students to help them challenge themselves, learn new skills, and work together. As an outdoor education instructor or teacher, you will likely teach a variety of subjects, including outdoor living skills, Leave No Trace principles, outdoor cooking, map and compass skills, and more. You might also lead students on backpacking trips, canoe trips, rock climbing expeditions, or other adventures.

What does outdoor ed teach?

In outdoor settings, there are endless opportunities for children to explore, experiment, and take risks in a safe environment. Outdoor education and play also help children to understand and appreciate the world around them while developing an appreciation and respect for nature.

What is outdoor learning?

Outdoor learning is simply defined as any educational experience that takes place in the outdoors. This could be anything from a short nature walk to an extended camping trip. outdoor learning experiences provide opportunities for children to explore, take risks, and engage in hands-on activities that are often difficult to replicate indoors.

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